Yanmar engine-reliable fuel saving
Quality stable high performance engine
Using world advance reliable engine, high efficiency, low vibration, low noise, ensuring power output, can used in all harsh environment, engine is easy to be started even if in severe cold environment.
More power, low fuel consumption
Adopting high fuel efficiency, seeking green emission and high power output YANMAR engine, engine can meet to the emission requirement from all countries by improving the fuel injection system.
Full import hydraulic system
Based on matching technology of excellent engine and full import hydraulic system, machine is with more power output, improve working speed and reduce fuel consumption.
Comfortable safety seat
Seat is designed based on human bionics, has triple comfort structure, with adjustable device of waist fatigue remission and front and back adjustable seat. With safety belt preventing driver throwed away while machine fall down. Opeartion is more safe and confortable..
Easy for daily check
Rear and side cover can be opened widely, easy to daily checking and maintenance and repair works.
Reach the most stringent of European safety standards
For the operators’ safety, using 4 pillar anti-roll bar, the distance of two pillar front is wider than before, ensure the wide field of view, the bars are used as safety handrail, easy to get on and off, double-deck rotational moulding canopy cover entire operating space, shielding rain or falling objects, to protect the safety of operators.
Telescopic lower frame
For the narrow entrance working site, the lower frame is telescopic I order to easy in and out of working side, track can back to 990 mm when transportation, when working, can reach to 1240 mm, more stable.
Variable dozers
Width of the dozer plate is adjusted according to the lower frame freely, easy to adjust. Pull out the pin, folding dozer plate rotates 180 degrees inwardly, insert the pin. Improving work efficiency.
Hydraulic cylinder pipes protection cover
Bulldozing plate cylinder safety cover, protecting cylinder rod and pipes.
Swing boom
Can be used in small area works and working along the wall

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